Pierer Industrie AG is a leading European automotive group that is fully owned by Pierer Konzerngesellschaft mbH. Its focus is on the global powered two-wheeler segment and the automotive high-tech component sector in particular in the following significant shareholdings:

As a manufacturer of powered two-wheelers, PIERER Mobility Group offers a broad selection of premium brands, including performance motorcycle brands such as KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS. The Group continuously develops a comprehensive range of e-bike and bicycle products through our Husqvarna E-Bicycles, GASGAS Bicycles and FELT Bicycles brands. The PIERER Mobility Group produces high-end components under the WP brand, and manufactures and distributes high-end sports cars via its KTM X-BOW division.

The Pankl AG Group is active in the automotive high-tech component sector. The Group develops, produces, maintains and distributes mechanical systems in the high-tech sector for dynamic components in the global niche markets of the racing, luxury car and aerospace industries. In addition, as an automotive supplier, the Pankl AG Group also offers effective solutions in the field of pumps and engine components as well as lightweight composite brake discs. As a leading automotive supplier, with its products the Pankl AG Group makes a significant contribution reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the automotive sector.

Furthermore, Pierer Industrie AG also holds shares in abatec GmbH. Abatec is one of the leading development and manufacturing companies for electronic assemblies in Austria.

Key Figures


m€ Revenues

Pierer Industrie-Group was able to achieve revenues of around EUR 3,264 million in 2022 (thereof around 54% in Europe).



The EBIT reached around EUR 269 million.



As at 12/31/2022 Pierer Industrie-Group employed 10,917 employees, thereof around 65% in Austria.



The EBITDA reached around EUR 482 million.


m€ Invests

In 2022 around EUR 389 million were invested in the further growth.


m€ Total Assets

The balance sheet total was around EUR 3,807 million in 2022.


PIERER Mobility AG

Pankl AG

others Shareholdings


Pierer Industrie AG: Strong performance also in 2022

Revenues: € 3,264.2 million (+20%) EBIT: € 269.4 million (+22%) EBITDA: € 482.5 million (+14%) Staff: 10,917 employees (+1,387), thereof 7,072 in Austria Investments: € 389.4 million (+38%), thereof € 280 million in Austria Premature extension of Executive Board...

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Pierer Industrie AG: Strong performance in 2021

Revenues: € 2,728.3 million (+30%) EBIT: € 220.7 million (+ >100%) EBITDA: € 423.6 million (+51,0%) Staff: 9,530 employees (+1,208), thereof 6,061 in Austria Investments: € 283.1 million (+50%) Strong development in revenues and earnings in the 2021 financial year In...

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Pierer Industrie AG further expands position in Leoni AG

Pierer Industrie AG exceeds 20% voting rights threshold Pierer Industrie AG has increased its share of voting rights in Leoni AG (ISIN DE0005408884) to over 20% as of February 21, 2022. Pierer Industrie is already in contact with a case team of the European Commission...

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