EFRE Projects

PIERER IMMOREAL GmbH invests in operational real estate for the Pierer-Group. For all business units, properties are created that meet requirements and retain their value in the long term. For this purpose, existing locations are continuously developed further and new locations are also built.

Renowned projects include the “House of Brands” in Munderfing, the KTM flagship stores, the site for KTM Technologies in Anif/Salzburg and the production plant for Pankl High Performance in Kapfenberg. Currently, the new operating facility of Pankl Aerospace Systems Europe and a new photovoltaic system on its roof in the Kapfenberg High-Tech Park are being built – both subsidized projects by IWB/EFRE program in Austria:


Further information about IWB/EFRE can be found on the following link https://www.efre.gv.at/