Pierer Industrie AG is an Austrian industrial investment group that is fully owned by Pierer Konzerngesellschaft mbH.

Significant Shareholdings include the PIERER Mobility Group based in Upper Austria and the Pankl SHW Industries Group, which operates in the automotive sector.

The PIERER Mobility Group (formerly KTM Industries Group) is Europe’s leading manufacturer of “powered two-wheelers”, producing in series all drive technologies, from combustion engines to electric motors. Under the umbrella of the PIERER Mobility Group, in addition to the world-famous motorcycle brands “KTM”, “HUSQVARNA Motorcycles” and “GASGAS”, upcoming e-bike brands such as “HUSQVARNA E-Bicycles” and “R RAYMON” as well as the component brand “WP Suspension” are becoming increasingly important, especially considering the developments in the e-mobility sector. Pankl Racing Systems AG, based in Kapfenberg, is a leading international manufacturer of high-tech mechanical systems for dynamic components in the global niche markets motor racing, luxury /high performance cars and aerospace. As an automotive supplier the German SHW AG offers effective solutions in the field of ​​pumps, engine components and lightweight composite brake discs.

Furthermore, Pierer Industrie AG has shareholdings in abatec group AG, Riser GmbH as well as in METTOP GmbH.

Key Figures


Bn. revenues

Pierer Industrie-Group was able to achieve revenues of around EUR 2.1 Bn. in 2018


million EBIT

The EBIT reached around EUR 139 Mio.



As at 31/12/2018 Pierer Industrie-Group employed 7,948 employees, approx. around 62% of whom in Austria


million EBITDA

The EBITDA reached EUR 267 Mio.


million Invest

In 2018 around EUR 245 Mio. were invested in the further growth


Bn. Balance sheet total

The balance sheet total was EUR 2.2 Bn.


PIERER Mobility AG

Pankl SHW Industries AG

others Shareholdings