High degree of common understanding on the requirements for the future composition of the Supervisory Board of LEONI AG in 2022

Stefan Pierer, owner of Pierer Industrie AG, and Klaus Probst, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LEONI AG, have exchanged views on the requirements to be met by the members of the Supervisory Board in the economically challenging situation and have achieved a high degree of common understanding. This offers the opportunity for the election proposal to be drawn up by the Supervisory Board to reflect to a high degree the criteria of professional expertise, diversity and independence also from the perspective of Pierer Industrie AG for the selection of shareholder representatives.

Stefan Pierer: “I am confident that we will find the right way and can thus refrain from placing our own election proposal.”

About the Pierer Industrie-Group:
The Pierer Industrie-Group is an Austrian industrial group with a focus on the production of „Powered- Two Wheelers“ and the automotive high-tech supply sector. The Group currently employs approx. 10,000 people worldwide with a group turnover of approx. EUR 2.8 billion.

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