• Acceptance rate of approximately 24,65%
  • Compensation for the submitted shares on 2 July 2019
  • Trading of SHW-shares within the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange terminated on 26 June 2019

Within the acceptance period of the delisting purchase offer of Pierer Industrie AG to the shareholders of SHW AG, 1.586.384 shares were submitted in total. This equals to an acceptance rate of approximately 24.65% of the share capital and voting rights of SHW AG. The settlement of the purchase offer shall take place on 2 July 2019. Together with the already existing shareholding, the shareholding of the Pierer-Group after the closing of the purchase offer increases to a total of around 75.13% of the share capital and voting rights of SHW AG.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has revoked the admission of the SHW-shares to the trading within the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with effect as of the end of today. As already communicated, the shares of SHW AG will continue to be traded on the open market of the Munich Stock Exchange (m:access) and on the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange via XETRA.

About the Pierer-Group:
The Pierer-Group is a leading European vehicle group with a strategic focus on the global sports motorcycle segment and the automotive high tech components segment. The group globally employs more than 8,000 employees and has a total group turnover of approximately EUR 2.2 billion.

Important Notice:

This announcement does neither constitute an offer to buy nor an intimation to submit a proposal for the sale of securities of SHW AG. The offer to purchase SHW shares will be subject exclusively to the terms and conditions specified by Pierer Industrie AG in the offer document as authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

This press announcement does not release the respective SHW shareholder from his/her obligation to examine the information contained in the offer document and – taking into account all available sources of information, all individual circumstances of the shareholder (in particular with regard to the individual tax situation), the applicable statutory provisions for the shareholder and the personal assessment of the future development of the share price of the SHW share – to make his/her own decision about whether or not to accept the purchase offer.

Pierer Industrie AG points out that it is not in a position and is not obliged to verify whether the SHW shareholders comply with all obligations of the individually applicable statutory provisions upon acceptance of the purchase offer. Shareholders of SHW AG wishing to accept the purchase offer should examine whether the acceptance of the purchase offer is compatible with legal obligations arising out of their personal circumstances (e.g., sales restrictions). Furthermore, Pierer Industrie AG recommends that all shareholders subject to the laws of a foreign jurisdiction may obtain information about and comply with the applicable laws. Pierer Industrie AG assumes no liability for the decision of a shareholder and recommends that each shareholder of SHW AG obtains the necessary individual tax and legal advice, if necessary.

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